I Pledge Allegiance….

As I realized the flag on my porch was torn and I needed to purchase a new one, I was googling if anyone takes old flags around my hometown. You don’t just toss an old flag in the trash can. Well, I don’t anyway and I don’t think you should either. The American flag hasn’t […]

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What’s For Dinner?

Tonight, it’s burrito pizza!! I began with a premade shell. Sometimes we will make our own dough but we needed something faster. I knew I didn’t want a traditional pizza so I scoured the kitchen cupboards for something to throw together quickly!!  I began with refried beans as my “sauce” base of the pizza.  I […]

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Election Thoughts

Because it has been some time since the election has passed & I still see hate.  Because this is a big deal in America.  Because I’m patriotic like crazy.  Because I want to see unity over division. Because I think what I have to say is important. Because I’ve never shared who I’ve voted for […]

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This Too Shall Pass….

That is my living room wall. Those beautiful yellow marks are the work of my 3 year old son. He wanted to color but just couldn’t find a coloring book. I couldn’t get the pink marker picture on the couch to show up in a photograph!  This too shall pass I am reminded.  My dear, […]

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