Let’s Get Uncomfortable 

This graphic is me. I love my comfort zone. It’s easy, predictable, comfortable. Who really needs the magic anyway? Isn’t it just enough to be at just enough?  But that magic circle looks like so much fun! I can only begin to imagine what could happen if I was standing in that magic circle.  So, […]

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I Pledge Allegiance….

As I realized the flag on my porch was torn and I needed to purchase a new one, I was googling if anyone takes old flags around my hometown. You don’t just toss an old flag in the trash can. Well, I don’t anyway and I don’t think you should either. The American flag hasn’t […]

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What’s For Dinner?

Tonight, it’s burrito pizza!! I began with a premade shell. Sometimes we will make our own dough but we needed something faster. I knew I didn’t want a traditional pizza so I scoured the kitchen cupboards for something to throw together quickly!!  I began with refried beans as my “sauce” base of the pizza.  I […]

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Election Thoughts

Because it has been some time since the election has passed & I still see hate.  Because this is a big deal in America.  Because I’m patriotic like crazy.  Because I want to see unity over division. Because I think what I have to say is important. Because I’ve never shared who I’ve voted for […]

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