Rain Storms & Rainbows 

…the reality is, you can’t have rainbows without rain. And who wants to live in the middle of life’s rainstorms everyday….Rainbows aren’t meant to be permanent decorations in our lives but carefully placed reminders of God’s faithfulness to us all the time.

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I recently had two things happen to me.  The first was someone recently complaining about the flavors of the creamers available for the coffee at the church cafe. It was beyond simply disliking the choices available but even getting grumpy over them.  OKAY – it was ME! I wanted sugar free creamer. It wasn’t available. […]

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Smile for the Camera 

It’s the end of the school year across most of the country. In my local district, today happens to be the last day of school. My various social media platforms have all of these pictures parents are posting of the last day of school. The kids are smiling, giving thumbs up, and some are even […]

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Clean Up In Aisle Two 

I recently went to the grocery store alone. A mini vacation when you have young children. Despite being glad I was alone, I was feeling rather sorry for myself. I was annoyed with the day, annoyed with errands, just annoyed in general. I was going through the motions of adding things to the cart and […]

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Let’s Get Uncomfortable 

This graphic is me. I love my comfort zone. It’s easy, predictable, comfortable. Who really needs the magic anyway? Isn’t it just enough to be at just enough?  But that magic circle looks like so much fun! I can only begin to imagine what could happen if I was standing in that magic circle.  So, […]

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I Pledge Allegiance….

As I realized the flag on my porch was torn and I needed to purchase a new one, I was googling if anyone takes old flags around my hometown. You don’t just toss an old flag in the trash can. Well, I don’t anyway and I don’t think you should either. The American flag hasn’t […]

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