Learning with Lauri

Last Saturday, I was able to have the opportunity to host a “Learning with Lauri” party through Tryazon. I discovered Tryazon while looking for some new ideas to have fun play dates for families with kids in my “Kid Room” at work. This was the first party I was selected to host and it was a great process.

Tryazon made is so simple to apply, keep me updated on my party items arriving, and helped send some awesome tips to have a fun party.

The first thing that I was most intrigued by with the Lauri products, was the age rating beginning at 2 years old. I find it difficult to find strong, durable, colorful, fun toys that will just let a child use their imagination but still be safe for a 2 year old to use for play. In the world of technology and battery operated toys from birth, toys to spark creativity sometimes seems lacking. Lauri toys definitely hit it out of the park with these toys.

A lot of the younger kids that played with the toys were drawn to the Tall-Stackers Pegs & Pegboard set. The colors are bright and the pieces are easy to use for kid sized hands. I enjoyed being able to match this toy with the Shape & Color Sorter toy. The pegs were interchangeable between the two basic mats that are the base for both toy items.

The building toys were also able to reach the older kids that attended with the younger siblings. The Action Stackers Little Builder Set was a hit and we had all sorts of cars, robots, and buildings that were created.

The only potential negative feedback that was received was on the Crepe Rubber foam puzzle. (We had a fish!) I loved the color and the pieces felt very durable to me personally, but I did have a few parents express concern that the texture and material (like a sturdy foam feel) would lead a child to want to bite the pieces. I did not think of this as a concern but it would be something to keep an eye on if your child is a biter!

Overall, I was very pleased with the Lauri toys and I will be looking into their other products, especially the Pegboard Set that the bases are all letters of the alphabet. I would recommend these toys to any parent, grandparent, or daycare/preschool instructor looking for a toy to spark imagination that will hold up to imaginative play.

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