Feeling Uninvited

I love social media. I tend to try and find the positive in most everything in life – and social media is no exception. People complain about the lack of face to face contact they believe it promotes – I say it brings connections that could never happen face to face. I hear complaints that no one talks on the phone anymore – but that really doesn’t seem like a big deal if actual communication is happening. There are many other issues people have – but I really do try to find the good. In everything, though, there is good and there is bad. In every privilege we receive, we also need to be greatly responsible. Even with my optimistic outlook, sometimes I also hate social media. It isn’t the fault of any specific platform. I can’t blame the internet. It’s silly to say Facebook or Instagram have done anything wrong. Yet, it is easy to see people posting great things and have a less than positive reaction. When moments of self doubt creep in, it seems so easy for me to shift my focus away from God and start to wonder what I’ve done wrong or what I should be doing better and why I just never feel quite like I fit in anywhere. I’m guilty of it as well – only posting the “highlight reel” – but never the “actual real”. I found my copy of “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst this afternoon. God knows it was just how I was feeling and the book spoke of just what I needed to be reminded of – He loves me always. And, despite my negative feelings creeping in, I have a lot of wonderful right in front of me.

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