As I’ve been experiencing what it is like to be a daughter losing her dad to CHF (congestive heart failure) I’ve been thinking more and more about Heaven. As I’ve been telling my boys what’s to come and what’s going on with their Grandpa it has been a blessing beyond measure to be able to tell them when God calls on Grandpa, he will be in Heaven. And I KNOW that. He. Will. Be. In. Heaven. My dad loves Jesus and has such an amazing understanding of God’s Love for us humans even though we are such a screwed up, imperfect bunch.

But, talking to my sons, this has led to them asking me questions about what Heaven is like and why we have to die to get there. I explained to them heaven is a perfect place and we are not perfect here on earth. We get old we get sick we hurt and we die but in heaven all of that goes away and it is simply a perfect place.

But what does it look like mom? I answered and told them that it doesn’t really tell us everything it looks like in the Bible but we do know that the gates are going to be made of pearls and the streets will be paved in gold. And that’s when it really struck me how wonderful heaven must be. The streets are paved in gold. I don’t know about you, but the streets here are stone or gravel or asphalt or brick or pavement or any number of things but as long as they don’t have too many potholes I really don’t care. Now, my pretty jewelry, I like it pretty and gold. I walk on the street. I drive on the street. People throw trash on the street. We value gold. It’s worth something. It’s precious. It’s treasured.

And in Heaven? This valuable, beautiful, precious substance is used to pave the streets.

The lowly streets.

Not to sound too cheesy, but, I can only imagine how great the rest of it must really be.

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