Women in Business

I read a lot about programs designed to help women succeed in business. Programs to empower women to take on the world, overcome fears, and many other obstacles women in business face.

(And, before anyone starts throwing things at me, absolutely YES, men face difficulties as well, but I AM a woman and there are things we face as women that men simply do not have to face. However, those first hand stories and experiences of others are another post to be made.)

I know these programs exist for women and I understand the need and draw for such programs because I myself LONG to start such an empowerment group for women. I want all women to know their potential and know their worth and know the value they bring to society via any path they chose to take.

Then, the more I delve, ask, and investigate just what issues women feel they face the most and where they believe they need encouragement to overcome obstacles when trying to start, build, or maintain a successful business – it all seems to come back to the men in their lives.

I am NOT trying to bash men here. I really am not. However, I hear these women saying things like:

“Well, I’m not so sure he will like it if I make more money than him. He won’t say that, but I feel that.”

“I’d really like to go to some seminars to help me have my own business [or grow my own business] but I’m needed at home in the evenings to make dinner and get the kids to bed.”

“Oh, that sounds great, but I talked to my husband and he thinks those things aren’t necessary for growth. He doesn’t do things like that and I really don’t need to either. I probably don’t have the time anyway.”

Men – what kind of example are you setting for your children when you don’t fully support their mothers to grow their dreams?

Women – what hopes do you have for your daughters and even your son’s future wives?

It frustrates me. I see these women with dreams and ambition and hope. Then it is stifled by something some communication and working together could probably help solve.

Maybe, we don’t need these women in business empowerment seminars and courses and discussions just for women. Maybe, we need them for men. To teach them how to support and empower the women in their lives.

Can you imagine what a powerful society we could be if we ALL realized our potential ….

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