God IS Love

“My god doesn’t love sinners.”

This statement is taken from a longer conversation I had today. I picked this particular sentence to quote because it was the main point the individual was trying to make. I’ve purposely left that second word lowercase even though it wasn’t their intended use of the name. Because, being frank, my God does love sinners. So very much. And thankfully so since every single one of us are sinners. My God loves sinners so much He gave us Jesus.

This wasn’t a “love the sinner hate the sin” type conversation that was simply being misspoken- this was being stated as a fact – “my god doesn’t love sinners.”

I should know this, because as the Bible states, God so loved the world because it was filled with such perfect people….

No. God so loved the world because He made us, He wants us, He loves us. God IS love. He provided His amazing grace and mercy while we were still sinners. Since we are all sinners. We can’t be perfect. But we are loved. Because Jesus. Because God loves sinners. Because God loves us all.

So, ma’am, I’m sorry that your god doesn’t love sinners – but my God does.

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