Merry Everyday of the Year

So, this may not be a popular opinion. And it is just an opinion. But it has been on my heart because someone was making some very harsh, unloving comments because they were told “happy holidays”.

I don’t understand why Christians get so upset when people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I am told that it is upset that people are taking Jesus Christ out of your Christmas season.

First of all, this is an English problem in my opinion. The words for “Christmas” in many other languages don’t include that same word that those languages use for “Christ”.

Secondly, if someone wishing you to have a joyful holiday in any way takes Jesus out of your celebration- then maybe Jesus is in the wrong spot in your life. He’s to be “inside” of you and not just in your words.

The Bible never commands us to celebrate Christmas. My 9 year old recently asked me why we don’t do more to celebrate Hanukkah since it celebrates God’s amazing, awesome, wonderful provisions for us AND God told people to celebrate the festival. Jesus himself observed the festival. He asked me where the Bible says when and how we should celebrate Christmas.

I was at a loss for words. It made me stop and think for sure.

Christmas IS a man made holiday. The traditional winter celebrations existed long before Christians adopted the time and festivities to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Jesus isn’t really “the reason for the season”. Jesus wasn’t born during this December season anyway. The season existed long before it was chosen as the time to celebrate Jesus.

And YES, I believe we SHOULD throw a massive celebration that God sent His very own Son and very own Self to save us – what better reason to celebrate?!!!!! It IS a holiday!! But Jesus is the reason for EVERYDAY!!!! Not just this one time of year.

Someone wishing me a happy holiday certainly can’t take away a joyful, loving, caring, giving spirit. It can’t take away that I love Jesus and am thankful God loved me enough to send Him.

What a better time to demonstrate God’s Love to others than the Christmas time of year? Want to wish me a Merry Christmas? Even better!!

Let’s stop worrying that “happy holidays” takes Jesus out of Christmas and worry about our treatment and love of others taking Jesus out of our attitudes and testimony.

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