Showing Jesus’ Love

I recently read this at the beginning of a daily devotional from Focus on the Family and it really spoke to me. God convicted me. I keep looking for opportunities and ignoring interruptions. 

How often do we find ourselves saying, “we Christians just need to show God’s love to others.” That if we just “loved like Jesus” then others would want to know more about why we follow Jesus. Then, we sit back and wait for the opportunities to show love to fall into our laps. We get busy with life: meetings, deadlines, projects, kids, any number of things. We drive by the homeless man outside of the drug store trying to pretend we don’t really notice him as we make our way to a church meeting. We turn and take a different aisle in the grocery store to avoid that person we know will want to talk to us because we just want to go home. We ignore replying to the text message from someone reaching out because we just have too much of own life happening. We don’t give to those in need because we assume someone else will step up and handle the situation in our absence. We pray that God will send someone alongside the broken-hearted to share His love with them. 
But what if God is trying to send us? What if God wants to send you? If God has chosen you to be the person to show His love to someone hurting – He will show you how. He will work out all the other details for you. He’s God. Do you still believe He is able? So, if you feel convicted to stop and talk to that hurting person you’re avoiding because you’re so busy, or you feel God calling you to help someone else in any number of ways – don’t ignore Him. Let’s stop saying we want to show His love and actually take some action. This week, I’m challenging myself, and you, to take a step of faith (even if it’s filled with fear and uncertainty) to see something that looks like an interruption as an opportunity to show the love of Jesus in action. 

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