Instagram Your Business

Marketing on social media. 

Digital marketing. 

Marketing isn’t like it used to be. 

People are getting their information differently today. 

Things you’ve probably heard if you’re in the position to do any sort of advertising for your business. 

I have learned to love social media for my advertising needs and some platforms seem to come easier than others. Email seems pretty straightforward, facebook I understand better than before. But Instagram leaves me puzzled. I love my personal Instagram page but Instagram for my business!?! What can I post on our Instagram to keep things fresh and different and keep catching new followers? I want real people, not bot accounts, and I would love them to be people that are logically potential customers. A new month is starting soon and my realistic goal and wish is that I want to gain an average of one new follower a day. But how? I seem to do pretty good for a while and then hit a slump. I have been thinking through my strategy and come up with my plan moving forward. I need to follow through with my own advice! 

Here are my top two tips to myself that I plan to follow and a list of 31 ideas to keep my content varied and fresh over the next 31 days. 

Number 1- USE your Instagram!! It isn’t enough to just have an account. It’s a fast paced app. If you aren’t consistently posting, you will be lost in the abyss of the scroll. Don’t be afraid to post more than once per day. (I have found twice to be a good number for MY business.)

Number 2- USE hashtags to your advantage. Create a hashtag for your business and use it every time you post. Pick something that your potential customers will be searching to find. Use a hashtag of the community or city name in which your business is located. Posting about something that is trending – hashtag it! 
31 Ideas for Instagram Posts:

1) Compliment another business in your area. Tag them. We are all a team building our communities together. 

2) Leave a quick tip. Share an easy way your followers can simplify something in their life. 

3) Share a piece of motivational advice – for mind, body, or soul. Perhaps #MotivationalMonday or a #TransformationTuesday

4) Tell a joke. Everyone likes a good laugh. 

5) Show your work area. Anything behind the scenes. These are your fans & followers. Let them feel like a real part of your business. 

6) Share your favorite recipe-everyone has to eat. 

7) Promote your email list. 

8) Share your favorite book (bonus points if you’re a bookstore!)

9) Introduce yourself. You are probably the face of your business. Say hello and be proud of your business. 

10) Introduce your employees – with their permission of course. They are a huge piece of your business family. 

11) Post a photo of an event you are having – planning and during!! 

12) Share something you are thankful for. 

13) Share one of your blog posts.

14) Share your Facebook. Ask them to like your page. 

15) Post your logo and explain just what it means and how you came up with it. 

16) Start #ThankfulThursday and share a piece of gratitude. 

17) Let your followers know about a sale. 

18) What are your brand values? List them. 

19) Show some products!

20) Just thank your customers for being them. 

21) Post an inspiring quote. 

22) Ask a question. 

23) Run a contest. 

24) Comment on current events – but – use common sense about what you say. 

25) Take a picture of some scenery you see everyday out your business window. 

26) Post your lunch. People like pictures of good looking food. 

27) Have a flash sale. 

28) Ask your followers to follow you on Twitter or Pinterest. 

29) Post a photo of your favorite item in your business and tell why you love it. 

30) Highlight something unique to your local area. 

31) Share a photo of your family. Be a real person. 

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