Smile for the Camera 

It’s the end of the school year across most of the country. In my local district, today happens to be the last day of school. My various social media platforms have all of these pictures parents are posting of the last day of school. The kids are smiling, giving thumbs up, and some are even holding signs with the best things about the past academic school written on them. I even saw a collage of pictures complete with a shot of the special “last day of school breakfast” buffet. 

I’m torn between thinking I should try that some day and how do you have time for a breakfast buffet on a school day? (Meanwhile, I shoved a brownie in my mouth for breakfast because it looked comforting. Perfect for the very beginning of me starting a group to make better decisions in regards to emotional eating- but that’s another post!)

But, I digress because sometimes, behind the scenes, life isn’t smiles & celebrations & perfectly posed pictures. It looks like a kid stomping away scowling at mom for not getting him. It’s a mom snapping a photo while sitting on the floor because “everyone is posting last day pictures” and she needs to be that mom too! It’s eating half a brownie to feel better before realizing that’s not helping. Maybe for you, it’s eating the whole box of brownies, or tears, or crying, or breaking down. 

(And, maybe, just maybe, you took 327 pictures before selecting the perfect shot to post online.) 

How often in our lives do we do that? Drive outselves crazy to be able to portray that we’ve got it all together? To show others we have the picture perfect life? I know I’ve done it so many times. 

So, for just a moment, here is our picture grounded deeply in reality. The only things missing are the stomping feet and the scowl he somehow stopped for just a moment because pictures are stupid, school is annoying, little brothers ruin everything, and the tears from mama because she just wants them to get along. I’m 

Happy Last Day of 2nd Grade! 

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