Let’s Get Uncomfortable 

This graphic is me. I love my comfort zone. It’s easy, predictable, comfortable. Who really needs the magic anyway? Isn’t it just enough to be at just enough? 

But that magic circle looks like so much fun! I can only begin to imagine what could happen if I was standing in that magic circle. 

So, while that picture is me, it is also missing something. It’s missing the bridge I am building from my comfort zone to the place where the magic happens. 

As I stated,  I don’t like being out of my comfort zone. Some people thrive on jumping off into the great unknown and that has never been me. (I once had a note sent home from my elementary teacher praising the fact I talked in class without raising my hand one afternoon!!) I want to know the outcome before I begin. I need to know everyone will be happy and I will be comfortable in any possible scenario that may exist. I have a tendency to not talk very much. I’ll just go with the flow and listen to the conversation around me. I’m certainly not going to go anywhere by myself where a stranger might talk to me. Or worse yet, ask me a question!! 

But then something changed. 

I found myself suddenly in charge of a business. A business I needed to run, make decisions for, and ultimately grow. After much time, nudging, pushing, and shoving I realized I needed to expand my comfort zone and add some confidence into my repertoire. I wasn’t going to be happy with just enough. I had some visions, dreams, and ideas that would take me out of my comfort zone to accomplish.  So, I’m building that bridge to where the magic happens. I’m dreaming big and leaning on God because my comfort zone is really pretty comfortable but the magic I am catching a glimpse of over there is even better looking. 

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