Put Down Your Rock

As we walked into church on Palm Sunday we were all asked to take a rock from a wheelbarrow. I picked a rock that would fit in the palm of my hand. Big enough I had to make a fist to hold it but small enough I could just about hide it in my hand. I didn’t know what the rock was for but we were asked to hold onto it in our hands. I was paying attention to the message, but also conscious of the rock. The end in my palm was rounded and actually fit very nicely. The rock was warming up to my body temperature and actually was pretty comforting to manipulate and touch. It wasn’t too heavy but just enough I couldn’t forget it was there. The pastor was speaking about the meaning of Easter. Jesus came to take away our excess weight (anything that keeps us from living how God intends us to live). 
“….let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up…… Hebrews 12:1
Jesus took away our sins and shortcomings on the cross – we just need to give it to Him. The pastor discussed how even good things could be excess weight in our lives. God commands us to throw off our sin and sent Jesus to pay the price. The pastor asked us to come up front and place our rocks in the bins at the alter to symbolize giving our excess weight to God. 

I immediately thought about how I didn’t want to get up and walk up front to the bins I now noticed. My seat was pretty comfortable. I

thought about how my rock felt nice in my hands.

 (Give your excess weight to God.) 


(Cast away your sin.)

Jesus paid the price for me to get rid of my sin. Rely on Jesus. It is that simple yet that difficult for us. How often do we hang onto our sin because it feels good? It’s become comfortable? It seems easier to stay seated and just keep holding the rock. 

God made a way through Jesus to get rid of our rock. But we have to lay it down ourselves. 

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