Election Thoughts

Because it has been some time since the election has passed & I still see hate. 
Because this is a big deal in America. 

Because I’m patriotic like crazy. 

Because I want to see unity over division.

Because I think what I have to say is important.

Because I’ve never shared who I’ve voted for until this year :

The person I voted for (Johnson) did not win. 

I didn’t think he would – but my views (political & otherwise) didn’t line up with either the democratic or republican candidate enough to EARN my vote. 

I voted FOR someone not against anyone – or maybe against them both if you get right down to it – but my vote for Johnson wasn’t a vote taken away from either candidate it was a vote FOR Johnson. 

Still today after time has passed, many people on my social media feeds are upset about the results and can’t believe our country and so on and so forth. The about equal amount of people that were relieved in my newsfeed means that had Clinton won the election I would be seeing the same posts just in reverse feelings. 

Here are the facts: someone (lots of someone’s) voted for Trump. He won. 

I would also imagine that there are lots of people that say they didn’t vote for him that actually did – because the numbers don’t lie – just the people. 

I went into the election knowing my candidate would lose and either way the world would NOT end. 

People point to their children and what a bad example this is – NO – it’s a perfect time to open DIALOG with our children. About right and wrong. Good and bad. Personal choices and consequences. Standing up for your beliefs. THAT conversation will happen with my sons for ANY candidate winning. 

I have seen memes saying “a vote for trump was a vote against…..” fill in the blank with almost any minority. 

I honestly believe most of the time a vote for Trump was a vote from someone scared to have another democrat in office and fear of keeping the same policies in effect going forward. 

Yes, there are racist evil people out there that voted for Trump. 
And for Clinton. 

We are a fallen world and evil exists. 

Murderers, rapists, extremists, abusers, are all over the political spectrum. 

The last time I checked we are all Americans. Let’s start focusing on that. Let’s focus on the homeless people, the hungry children, the veteran suicide rate, the neighbor lady that won’t be able to shovel her sidewalk this winter, the kid that needs gloves to stay warm, the teenager that needs school supplies, the friend down the street that just needs a hug, the parents that need to hear they aren’t alone, teaching our kids to sit with the new kid at lunch, let’s catch each other when we fall. 

Let’s just love each other. 

Okay, it’s a tough world and it can’t all be rainbows and unicorns, and we need to figure out foreign policy and immigration and taxes and I get that. 

Yet – if WE – the U.S. people – begin by shifting our attitude to one of CARING for the person next to us MORE than we hate them – it would start a revolution. 

This isn’t the best piece of writing and I’m not going back to spell check or grammar check because my feelings the first time around are what I feel I am poorly attempting to portray in words. 


That’s what we need. 
That’s how I feel since Trump won. 
That’s how I’d feel if Clinton had won. 
I’d even feel this way if Johnson had pulled off a miracle. 

Let us be decent people.

It starts with we the people.

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