This Too Shall Pass….

That is my living room wall. Those beautiful yellow marks are the work of my 3 year old son. He wanted to color but just couldn’t find a coloring book. I couldn’t get the pink marker picture on the couch to show up in a photograph! 

This too shall pass I am reminded. 

My dear, sweet, kind, loving, well-behaved, respectful (can you feel the sarcasm dripping from my words?) 7 year old got kicked out of the summer program he was in for not living up to that stellar description above. 

This too shall pass I am reminded. 

This is just a season in childhood they are going through. 

This is a season of motherhood I am going through. 

Eventually, I won’t need this much coffee to get me through the day after long nights of putting them to bed. I won’t need to consistently clean up one mess just to turn around and find another. I will be able to stop buying Pull-Ups and peeling pee soaked clothing off of children. 

Because, this too shall pass I am reminded. Which brings to mind something else I’ve been told, the days are long but the years are short.

Then moments like this happen. Those are my boys. My babies. My heart. Resting on my shoulder. Snuggling up to me because they fit perfectly in that spot. Catching a moment of peace and quiet. Knowing all is going to be okay. I love holding my babies just like that. I hope that shows just a little on my face. They have grown up a bit since these photos were taken and I can’t quite hold them in that way anymore. 

This too shall pass I am reminded. 

Easter eggs hunts in bicycle helmets. 

Crying on Santa’s lap. Bedtime stories, sticky kisses, being called mama. 

This too shall pass I am reminded. 

Too often we remind ourselves and others that all of the stress of raising kids will pass away and forget to cherish the moments that make it so worth while on the ride. The way their faces light up when you’ve been gone and return. The pure love they give. The singing of nursery rhymes over and over. 

So, I’m going to take a deep breath as I clean up this wall and maybe print and frame the picture of his masterpiece. 

I’m going to cherish this day and this time. 

Because, this too shall pass I am reminded. 

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