Helping Moms

I have a passion to help moms. I have always loved babies and kids and couldn’t wait to be a mom. After actually becoming a mom myself, I realized how HARD the job is!! I am so fortunate to have a support system around me as I parent. My husband is an amazing dad and also encourages me to be a good mom. (Note: NOT a perfect mom. I do struggle with wanting to be perfect some days-but thankfully those days are fewer and farther between.)I have been able to look around at some of the moms I know, and others I just brush shoulders with, and feel the deep need to do something for them. Being a mom is a tough emotional job. It is like a roller coaster! I wasn’t always sure what I could do to help or what my calling would look like in the world – there seemed to be SO many paths to take. When I gave birth to a preemie, the path I wanted to take seemed to show a little more clearly to me. I want to help those moms (and dads) that have to start the journey of parenthood with a child in the hospital NICU. I have been taking steps to get my passion to help preemie parents in action and I am so excited to have Colton’s Crew growing!!

Last year, with the help of some pretty amazing people I was able to donate 31 care packages to the NICU where Colton got his start (Arnot Ogden in Elmira, NY). I have some more totes available and I would love to stuff them full for NICU parents. As a former NICU mom, a care package one day when I arrived home from the hospital changed my whole mindset. The lunch tote it came in provided more than a simple bag to carry some water and snacks with me (beyond what came in my care package) for the car ride. It provided a reminder everytime I looked at it of the feeling of love and support I felt the first time I opened that care pack. It was all about the hope for the future. I would love to help provide that hope to other NICU parents as they ride the roller coaster that is having a brand new baby in the intensive care unit.  

If you would like to donate anything to be placed in the totes, feel free to include your own contact information. If you know a business that would like to help these parents, feel free to pass along my contact info. Many great businesses have helped in the past (Spuni, Seventh Generation, Peek A Boo ICU). 

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