This Too Shall Pass….

That is my living room wall. Those beautiful yellow marks are the work of my 3 year old son. He wanted to color but just couldn’t find a coloring book. I couldn’t get the pink marker picture on the couch to show up in a photograph!  This too shall pass I am reminded.  My dear, […]

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Golden Rule ?

I know that I have recently written a post about removing the word should from my vocabulary. I was going to begin this post rescinding that position for a moment and say that we all should start taking the time to think before letting our thoughts become words that we express to others. Yet, the […]

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Helping Moms

I have a passion to help moms. I have always loved babies and kids and couldn’t wait to be a mom. After actually becoming a mom myself, I realized how HARD the job is!! I am so fortunate to have a support system around me as I parent. My husband is an amazing dad and […]

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