La’asot Chaim

I have recently been researching some family history, exploring the Old Testament, and reflecting on life in general. I’ve been trying to figure out just who I am as a person. I want to be sure I am living my life as the person I was created to be. In the past, I have found myself getting wrapped up in life and passions with a whirlwind ferver only to have the wind knocked out of my sails for whatever reason. Whether it be lack of time, energy, support, or even passion. I have many times felt like I am constantly looking for what I love. Aside from being a mom and adoring my crazy, messy mom-life, I am trying to find what makes me tick. I had taken a keen interest in all things Jewish for a while. I am not Jewish but my Savior is. I found holocaust concentration camp survivors that share my maiden family surname. I have explored the food, the customs, the celebrations and took an interest in the Hebrew language. I quickly realized that being a mom will leave me with little time to actually learn Hebrew (that was my whirlwind thought!) so I decided to compromise and learn some phrases instead. Fitting with my current quest to stop using the words should and shouldn’t (see previous blog post), I found the phrase La’asot Chaim. Which basically means, to live life. This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. I want to stress less and live in the moment. I do not want to worry about everything. Let it go and let God. I just need to live life! I have met myself- and I am more willing to admit these days that I can dive headfirst into something before I realize what I’m doing and then try to find a way to back out. I would like to do things that I want to do and will enjoy and hopefully cut down on the things I find myself giving up after a short while. I am going to remember the phrase La’asot Chaim as I am making my decisions. So I’m not basing my decisions on fear but rather on life and living it fearlessly. But don’t worry, in typical me fashion, I have planned to get the phrase in Hebrew letters tattooed on my wrist. This is one whirlwind I’d like to stay caught up in!!

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