WWJP (What Would Jesus Post)

Remember those WWJD bracelets of years past? That meant what would Jesus do? They were to remind us to think about our actions before we actually just did it and think through if it was something Jesus would have done- or would He really approve of us doing. 
Well, I think we need new internet banners and cover photos with WWJP. 
What Would Jesus Post? 
We are all so quick to post the first things that pops into our minds and use the idea that since we are behind a screen it doesn’t really matter and
no one will get hurt. We bring hundreds of people into problems that perhaps only a few should be solving. We seem to forget the Internet is forever and things can spiral out of control In cyber space pretty quickly. 
Recently, I have seen and I have wondered about many of these images we post on Facebook (or Instagram/Twitter). Those cute or pretty pictures with the passive-aggressive sayings that are sometimes just not so passive. The “some people just need to be thankful I don’t have a brick to throw at them” or the “I hate being kind to those I want to punch” or “I can’t wait for karma to %#^* #<@$ them because I’ll be there with popcorn” or really any of the quotes that are just a bit mean and bring a smile to our face and a person to our mind when we click share now and maybe add two cents of our own. 
Many times, aren’t we just hoping the person that popped to our head will see and read our post? We hope they will know it is meant for them and we will have won a small victory of some sort. 
Many of these photos appear that they are trying to hide behind a thin religious disguise – probably to make us feel better about posting it ourselves. I saw one that read “I can’t wait for God to give some people what they deserve. I just hope I have a front row seat,” 
Really, how Christlike is that? Jesus didn’t even want a front row seat to what we ALL deserve. I am so thankful that Jesus DIED so I don’t get what I deserve. 
Jesus commanded us to ALL share HIM and share His love for all of us. 
Can you imagine what the world might be like if shared the love of Christ as quickly as we shared our spite, our anger, our mean spirits? 
God has convicted me to think before I click share on those posts that can so easily express our anger – but so easily hurt another person. I will truly think about my motives behind sharing these passive, yet generally mean quotes. 
Let’s ALL share love, joy, peace, and Jesus. Let’s think before we click that share button – WWJP. 

One thought on “WWJP (What Would Jesus Post)

  1. I pray before I post.Does this glorify the Lord,will this post lead them to the Lord.Is this encouraging?my posts need at least one if not all of these attributes.

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