The Little Drummer Boy

I love Christmas! I love music! Combine the two and I’m walking in he clouds happy. Except, for The Little Drummer Boy song. I had never liked the song – not even a little. I am sure I could be quoted as going so far as saying I hated the song. Yet, God is good and He was using all of my ill feelings to deepen my relationship with Him.

I was sitting in the audience at Newsong’s Very Merry Christmas Tour really enjoying myself when a drum solo began. The first thought I had was, “oh no, it’s going to be Little Drummer Boy.” I was right yet oh so wrong in my thinking. I know part of the softening of my heart began as the group sang the song in such a way I had never heard before. The music was louder yet the pace was slower. The drums were, well quite frankly, amazing! And, I let God in my heart and soul. I turned off my prejudice and opened the ears of my heart. I didn’t just listen to the words – I heard them. For the first time I got it!! This is an amazing song about living just how God wants us to live. A song about coming like a child to Jesus. A song of giving to The Lord the best of what we have to offer. Mary smiled at the little boy when he wanted to play for the newborn King and I melted inside. God spoke to me and said, “what if he was your son?”
None of us has a gift good enough to bring the King of our salvation and thankfully, He doesn’t ask for gifts to buy our way into heaven. God gives us His Grace and mercy and we just have to receive. And, when we truly do receive, we realize we have no gifts fit to bring a King – but we have the gifts and talents God has given to us that we can use for His glory. When we understand that, The Little Drummer Boy may just become the best Christmas song ever.

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