I’m Praying For You Even Now

There is a longing in my heart to adopt a baby. Not right now, but in the future. My husband and I have discussed this possibility and have prayed about the future of adding a third child to our household. We have even discussed this with our oldest son. Right now, it is not God’s timing for this adoption – but we are planning now for when that timing occurs. Preparing the room – both physically and spiritually. Mentally and emotionally. I pray for this child even now, as I prayed for my boys before they were conceived. My husband and I would like to adopt a newborn. I believe this is God’s will for our adoption. I also believe God will have us adopt a baby from a teenage mother. I was driving the other day after dropping my oldest son at Kindergarten, praying for him, his younger brother, their future wives, and our future baby. Then, it hit me, pray for the birth mother NOW. RIGHT NOW! In my mind, I am going to adopt a baby from a teenager down the road. It will be hard, it will involve tears, and I know I will pray for her then and she will be forever a part of my life. But God spoke to me while I was driving, right now pray for her. Right now this girl is maybe 10 or 11 years old and has no idea she will be getting pregnant as a teenager and has no idea she will be giving a baby up for adoption. I broke down in tears, because how could I not? I pray that she is being raised with loving parents. Parents that take her to church. Parents that teach her God loves her. I pray she is having an amazing childhood right now. I pray that whatever circumstances bring her baby to my arms will also allow her to know how much Jesus loves her. I will continue to pray for her – now and forever. I firmly believe God has a baby for us to adopt and this is why I pray.

One thought on “I’m Praying For You Even Now

  1. This is so awesome, allow God to continually show you where he wants you in your adoption and miracles will happen! My husband and I are in the early stages of domestic adoption and are saving as much as we can right now to make the process less financially stressful! God is such a loving and promising God! Trust his timing 🙂

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