Walgreens Well Beginnings Baby

I recently had the opportunity to sample some of Walgreens Well Beginnings products for babies!!

This was my first experience with this brand of products.

The entire Well Beginnings product line is exclusive to Walgreens. I love that the products are all made in the USA!!

The very first product I tried were some of the Size 4 Diapers. I was impressed! I have tried other non “big brand” diapers and could immediately tell the difference. These diapers were not that way. They were so soft and stretchy that I really felt comfortable putting them on my baby. The packaging made me aware that the diaper features natural botanicals, vitamin E, and aloe. I have normally strayed away from diapers making these claims with worry about something causing my son’s skin to break out. I had nothing but soft baby skin and great leak protection! I used these diapers overnight as well. Colton has slept through the night since about 8 months old. (Don’t hate me – I am just lucky! My 5 year old still gets up overnight about 4 times a week!) He tends to have FULL diapers in the morning. These diapers held up (none of the explosive mess of inner liners leaking those gel beads everywhere) and kept his skin dry as well as his jammies! There are 31 diapers in the Jumbo pack and the retail price is $8.99. At this price point, with the high quality, I will be ordering more of these diapers online. They also are available in sizes Newborn to 6. http://www.walgreens.com/wellbeginnings

I was also able to use the Sensitive Wipes that were included. The wipes were thick!! They didn’t tear and my hands stayed clean!! This is all I ask for in a wipe! They were very gentle on my baby’s bottom and felt almost like a moist fabric/cotton material. I enjoyed this material and the feel of the wipe. Full disclosure, my husband did not. He is very brand loyal and only likes the feel of one particular wipe when he has diaper duty. (We can’t even vary the variety within that brand.) He felt like the material “caught” on dry skin on his hands. The price for the Well Beginnings Sensitive Wipes is retail $2.39 for 72 wipes. This is a pretty average price for what I pay to even being a little less. I would feel comfortable purchasing these wipes to have on hand in my car for messy hands and faces!!

I have not yet used the baby wash or the pediatric electrolyte solution. Although, given the positive experiences with both the diapers and the wipes I believe they will also be great quality.

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(I received these products for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meets blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product. Thank you www.greenmomsmeet.com !!)well-beginnings-product-shot

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