Bob’s Red Mill

Gluten Free Granola samples! All the moms that normally don’t make meetings came out of the woodwork to try this sample!! I got a kit free from Green Moms Meet for trying and sharing with other moms. Everyone was so excited about this sample kit and wanted to know how they could hook up with Green Moms Meet. This is my first time using the Bob’s Red Mill products. I have seen them on the shelves at the stores. I have thought that they look like a good high quality product. I am not sure why I have never purchased them before. Probably because, I wasn’t always a “green mom.” In fact, some days I am still FAR from a green mom but I am trying everyday to make better choices for myself and my family. It is much easier to make my kids eat healthy than myself. No, correction, I eat pretty healthy in front of my kids eating healthy foods. When I put them to bed, I can sneak in some processed foods and other junk 😦 I am striving to change this and plan to incorporate some Bob’s Red Mill products into my daily living.

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