Kid Free Dates

My husband and I recently took a trip to Boston over the Memorial Day weekend. It was a simple road trip that was anything but simple in my mind. We left the kids at home with a babysitter. (Okay, so the babysitter was my husband’s parents.) I have left my oldest son over night before however, this was the first time leaving my youngest son since he came home from his NICU stay at birth. I know how GOOD it is for a couple to have some alone time. I know how GOOD it is for children to spend time away from mom and dad so they learn that mom and dad DO come back. I know all of these facts and I was still a nervous mess of nerves. Yet, I am challenged each day to live without worry. I prayed and mentally prepped myself to leave at 4 PM on Friday afternoon. I had everything packed and checked off my list. Then, my husband called to let me know work was going well and we could leave at 3 PM instead. I said ok, hung up the phone, and had my little break down. I was mentally prepared to leave at 4, not 3! How silly it sounds to me now. I actually did much better at the point of dropping off the kids and driving away than I thought I would in my mind. I was actually really excited to spend grown up time with my husband sans kiddos. The car ride with no yelling, whining, crying, or are-we-there-yets was a refreshing time. Even though I did check the back seat once (or twice) to make sure the boys were okay since they were so quiet. I just let go and let myself relax. I let God take care of the worrying I really wanted to do, and enjoyed myself. Overall, my husband and I had a fabulous time, our boys had fun without us, even if bedtime was a filled with a little more crying from the 13 month old, and I felt refueled and ready to keep conquering mommy-hood head on when we picked the boys up Sunday afternoon.

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