National Geographic Books

 I was able to get 10 of these amazing books for free. I already got them and I get NOTHING else for passing this along- but this link has a place to order the books at 40% off until Dec 6th. They WILL arrive for Christmas. These are really nice, high quality books – I got 10 of them sent to me in exchange for sharing this link. (Also, an “in-person” meeting with my moms group.) I keep them even if not one person buys a book and I don’t earn anything else if 100 people buy books – so I am passing this along to the online community because of how nice these books truly are. “Mother’s Love” & “Devoted” are great for adults-so much so I’m ordering the “Love You Dad” for my husband from the boys for Christmas. I am just passing this along because some of these books are under $5 with the 40% off and that’s a great deal!!!

This was just a quick post – I know. I just can’t help but pass this link along. I was blown away by the high quality books I was sent to review. The photos are crisp and clear. The books are durable. Thank you to Green Moms Meet for this sampling opportunity!!

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