What We Need to Teach our Children

There are many things in life we know we need to teach our kids while they are still young: The alphabet, the colors, shapes, counting, etc. But- I believe it is also important to teach our children our values and beliefs. We need to instill the morals we believe starting while our kids are in diapers and not wait until they are in elementary school or even later. Children may not fully grasp all of these concepts immediately but over time they will sink in and become a part of everyday life. I meet many adults that do not live this way and it saddens me because I just feel like they aren’t living life to the fullest. In addition to teaching my sons (just found out the little bump inside is another boy!!) the “book smarts” I hope I can teach and instill these values as well.

Love God first and foremost.  So much more of your life will fall into place if you learn and grasp this.

Don’t take things or people for granted. I say people because you can’t replace someone.  I say things also-because even though you can live your life without things and many things can be replaced-I believe you should still be thankful for what you have while you have it.

Show genuine care and love for the people around you. Be respectful because you do not know what that other person has been through.

Respect other’s relationships. A relationship between 2 people would be tough enough in a perfect world-but in this fallen world it can sometimes seem near impossible to get along and maintain so stay out of it and don’t try to place seeds of doubt to try and get one of those 2 people to stray.

Count your blessings in life. Sometimes it is the little things that are really the biggest blessings in your life.

Take the time to be happy over the little things. If the outcome is favorable to you-take the moment to be happy and not complain about the possibly difficult journey it took to get you to that outcome. We learn the best lessons in life on a difficult journey. If things were always perfect, we’d never know when to be thankful for good things and easy times. If our patience was never tried how would we know if we could really be patient? If our faith was never put through the fire how would we know if we really had the faith to begin with?

I know it is cliché, but stop and smell the roses and if you don’t enjoy their fragrance find something you do like and take a moment to enjoy that instead.

Have a Blessed Day!


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