No Words

I have a heavy heart today for the families in Connecticut of Sandy Hook Elementary School. I should have never heard of this small town school and I wish I never had. That would mean that today would have been a day like any other and those 20 precious children would be going home tonight counting off one more day closer to Christmas. The adults would be preparing for another day of work at school before winter break. The rest of the nation wouldn’t be reeling from shock and asking why did this happen. Yet, tragically, I have heard of Sandy Hook for an unimaginable reason. I don’t care to even get into the politics of gun control and armed guards that will surely come-even though those discussions have a time and place. Tonight, I will grieve for the families. Tonight, and many more, I will pray. Tonight, is about remembering. Tonight, I will hug my son a little longer and a little tighter.

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