I signed up to become a member of because I am drawn to free samples like the stereotypical moth to a flame. I signed up and waited for my invite to my first “mission” to complete and earn some smiles. I have been so pleased with the variety of missions I’ve been offered.  I have gotten free samples of everyday products to try and share-such as toothpaste and a neti pot. BUT – this is so much more than just get a free sample and tell your friends about it. Smiley360 has provided missions that enable me to really make a difference. I’ve been able to share links to help raise money for Operation Smile (an organization that helps to provide free surgeries for children with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities). I been able to access motivational speakers and games on the internet.

The most recent mission was from Bic Permanent Markers. I got a free pack of markers (36 of them!!) and a Christmas craft kit. I plan to begin blogging a review about each smiley360 mission I am awarded. Be sure to stay tuned as I would love to pass along free samples and coupons to my readers as well!!

In the meantime, I’ve included a link for you to click and join smiley360 yourself. Trust me-you will enjoy!!

God Bless & Wishing You a Wonderful Day


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